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5 Reasons Why Your Kids Must Learn Jiu Jitsu

5 Reasons Why Your Kids Must Learn Jiu Jitsu

5 Reasons Why Your Kids Must Learn Jiu Jitsu

“Put your kids in Jiu-Jitsu before any other sport.”

Kelly Slater (11 times Surfing World Champion)


Healthy Lifestyle

Parents often dream of an activity that will channel their kid’s excess energy. Few however, know that jiu-jitsu is the ideal sport for kids due to its realistic self-defense techniques and applicability (which uses natural body movements).

Unlike other sports, jiu-jitsu will teach your child lessons for their mental and physical health. Healthy socialization goes hand in hand with physical exercise, and you can expect to see your child improve their balance, coordination, and strength by leaps and bounds.


Another important component of jiu-jitsu is socialization. For busy parents, it can be hard to arrange playdates for their kids. There’s the back and forth of “whose turn is it to drop-off the kids?”, which house, and so forth. But after school sports solve all of these problems! By having a fixed time to practice a sport every day, children will gradually learn to incorporate the benefits of jiu-jitsu into their everyday lives, which includes making great friends!

Jiu-jitsu is an especially apt sport to enroll your child in because our classes are designed to instill an unshakable spirit in kids, as well as promote positive habits such as teamwork.

No child (or adult), arrives at a new belt or makes progress on their knowledge alone. Being surrounded by kids their age who are working with them towards a positive goal will help even the shyest of children to trust, help, and care for their classmates!

Respect and Discipline

“Discipline means that we must work before we play.”

Master Marcus Aurelio

Precisely because jiu-jitsu is a sport that requires a partner, this instills trust and respect in kids for the sport and the people who train with them. Children are energetic and bright, but being so young, it’s only natural that they make mistakes or need more guidance than most. With jiu-jitsu, children learn to build from their mistakes, and learn to see their errors as one more brick on the road to learning. They learn to rely on their classmates in order to better their self-defense skills, and this helps show them how to appreciate the people around them.

It goes without saying that jiu-jitsu is an elite martial art, and it is based on respect and discipline. When you enter or leave the school, you always bow to the mat. You bow to and thank the people who have taken the time to train with you. And whenever the instructor is speaking, you stand and listen attentively. Jiu-jitsu isn’t just a workout, it’s a positive lifestyle meant to teach children how to speak, move and act with respect and courtesy long after they have walked through the doors of the school.

Work Ethic

Consequently, jiu-jitsu instills a relentlessly good work ethic in children. Although a difficult sport, its techniques are achieved through patience, hard work, and an open mind, and this work ethic will extend to the student’s responsibilities outside of the academy as well.

Doing homework, eating well, and finishing chores are all things that take great responsibility and planning. Through jiu-jitsu, children learn these priceless habits because jiu-jitsu teaches us that there are no shortcuts to success. This instills a sense of pride and routine in students that is welcomed by children and parents alike.


Lastly, there is the matter of confidence. Many children have difficulty verbalizing what they need. This can sometimes make kids easy targets for bullies, because bullies exploit these weaknesses to their advantage. While children learn to avoid violence at all costs at Marcus Aurelio Jiu-jitsu academy, we prize their safety above all else.

We believe that empowering children goes much further than personal self-esteem. Our jiu-jitsu curriculum aims to teach resilience, something essential to a child’s wellbeing (especially in today’s bully society). In a society where kids are exposed to forms of bullying that teach them that being sensitive, respectful, and kind earns them no respect, it’s important to remind them that there are ways of negotiating bullying without compromising their values or character, so that if they are ever physically attacked, they can apply submissions with minimum force, and then report to adults as quickly as possible.

Without a doubt, jiu-jitsu will make your child’s confidence soar, because they’ll not only put their trust in the lessons they learn, but they’ll trust in the people who take care of them at their second home! Dedication, the humility to learn from others, and the will to try again, are all values that your child will learn through practicing this incredible martial art.

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