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Why Taking Time To Heal Is Important

Why Taking Time To Heal Is Important

Why Taking Time To Heal Is Important

Jiu jitsu is not for the faint of heart. It toughens you up so that you become immune to your opponent boring their weight down on you. It strengthens your grip. Hell, it even makes the skin on your fingertips slightly thicker, because even your fingertips are engaged in a jiu jitsu bout: twisting, gripping, and breaking free of grips and holds.

Indelibly, this mentality of never giving up, of falling down seven times and standing up eight, is common throughout the sport.

On the one hand, this relentless mindset is necessary. There are so many people who wouldn’t have changed for the better had they let themselves be complacent. But on the other hand, it can also be dangerous. Too much pressure to soldier on can make people who’ve injured themselves push themselves past their limits.


At MAJJ, we don’t train to be the next UFC champion, we train for our health and because we love the art. Make sure to not let your competitiveness overtake your love of Brazilian jiu jitsu.

After all, they say it’s always better to take off a week and come back, than injure yourself and come back in six months. That’s a lot of time wasted for someone hellbent on learning as much as possible.

Oftentimes during class, you’ll hear Master Marcus telling students to slow down. This is because fine motor skills are built up over time with careful repetition. You don’t learn by performing several explosive movements in an hour.

You can’t rush knowledge, so overworking your body is pointless. 


So if you’re at home right now icing your knee or back or wrapping your fingers with sport’s tape: don’t give up!

This is just a small setback on your BJJ journey, and you shouldn’t feel bad for taking the time to heal.

Those who have done jiu jitsu for several years know that these things happen. But for those of you who are new to the sport, injuries that keep us off the mat oftentimes make us feel as if we’ve failed or fallen too far behind to catch up.

This is nowhere near true, so don’t let it tear down your confidence. Once you’re better, make sure to come to class and take it one day at a time.

Truthfully, it’s rare for injuries to happen in our fundamentals class. However, if something does happen, know that your instructors will still be here, ready to teach you once you’ve fully recovered.

P.S. For tips on what to do to recover, read our article about R.I.C.E. 


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