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Three Things for which You will Thank Jiu-Jitsu

Three Things for which You will Thank Jiu-Jitsu

Three Things for which You will Thank Jiu-Jitsu

One of the first things people tell you is that jiu-jitsu is a miracle weight loss drug. Well, that’s not exactly true. You need to follow a certain lifestyle in order to get the full benefits of jiu-jitsu. You should say your goodbyes to excessive drinking, smoking, and indulging in unhealthy foods. And if you try to do both, you’ll risk pushing your body to its breaking point. You’ll show up to class each day drained and exhausted.

But don’t worry too much, because a healthy diet, plenty of sleep, and excess in moderation are all that you need to practice jiu-jitsu safely and effectively. And in the end, the positive changes you see will make you glad that you gave up Netflix (for an hour or two!) and that you embraced cardio instead.

Below are three things that you will end up thanking jiu-jitsu for.


People who undertake jiu-jitsu range from children, to young men and women in their twenties and even people over fifty. Since it’s a full-body experience, jiu-jitsu helps you exercise your muscles and balance in ways that most people with a desk job never get to, and for men and women who are in the higher age ranges of forty and over, this is a crucial time to prevent osteoporosis and maintain muscle mass.

This applies to children as well, since kids tend to operate under an “I want” state of mind, and don’t often think about how sugar (soft drinks especially) can impact their bone strength. Jiu-jitsu can offset some of these health concerns in children and adults by improving blood circulation and strengthening bones.


Another huge health benefit is how jiu-jitsu helps shed all of that bad cholesterol. As a college freshmen without a car, I was a sitting duck for the freshman fifteen–or I would’ve been, had I not had jiu-jitsu to get me out of the house.

The dramatic effect that jiu-jitsu can have when it comes to helping people manage serious pre-existing conditions isn’t given nearly enough of a spotlight. Even though I’ve always eaten rather well and am an avid walker, my family history made high cholesterol a near impossible mountain to climb (or rather lower). In order to curb my cholesterol when I wasn’t doing jiu-jitsu, I had to cut nearly all fatty foods from my diet and had to exercise twice as long because my walking regiment wasn’t nearly as intensive as one hour of jiu-jitsu. I still managed to lower my cholesterol from 280 to 180, but keeping to such a strict diet keeps you from indulging in the things you love to eat, not to mention all of the extra time that I didn’t have that I was devoting to exercising.

Because of jiu-jitsu, my cholesterol has stayed at a manageable 220 (which at 23 isn’t half bad), and I’ve maintained a great exercise routine that keeps me feeling happy, productive, and stress-free.


Weight loss is the elephant in the room when it comes to talking about the benefits of any sport. In today’s sedentary society, people are constantly searching for the “next best thing” when it comes to dieting and exercising. And although there is no such thing as cutting corners when it comes to your health, I can tell you from personal experience that regularly attending jiu-jitsu classes (three to four times a week) has conditioned my body better than any other sport I’ve ever played.

According to Tim Bruce BJJ and Dark Horse Combat Club, the way to calculate the amount of calories you’ve burned in jiu-jitsu can be based off of these formulas (I’ve adapted them to MAJJ’s class times):

  • Stretching (1.81 x Weight in lbs) ÷ 60 x 10
  • Calisthenics (2.43 x Weight in lbs) ÷ 60 x 20
  • BJJ Technique (3.25 x Weight in lbs) ÷ 60 x 30
  • Rolling (4.87 x Weight in lbs) ÷ 60 mins x 30 mins

I weigh about 130 pounds, and attend jiu-jitsu classes about four times a week. 

On Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays my compiled class time of 2 ½ hours burns this many calories:

  • Stretching (1.81 x 130) ÷ 60 x 10= 39
  • Calisthenics (2.43 x 130) ÷ 60 x 20= 105
  • BJJ Technique (3.25 x 130) ÷ 60 x 30= 211
  • (Intermediate class) Stretching (1.81 x Weight in lbs) ÷ 60 x 5= 20
  • (Intermediate class) Calisthenics (2.43 x Weight in lbs) ÷ 60 x 15= 79
  • (Intermediate class) BJJ Technique (3.25 x Weight in lbs) ÷ 60 x 40= 281
  • (Intermediate class) Rolling (4.87 x 130) ÷ 60 mins x 30 mins= 316
  • Total: 1,051

And on the regular single class weekday that I attend I spend another 355 calories:

  • Stretching (1.81 x 130) ÷ 60 x 10= 39
  • Calisthenics (2.43 x 130) ÷ 60 x 20= 105
  • BJJ Technique (3.25 x 130) ÷ 60 x 30= 211

So in an entire week, that’s 3,508 calories burned. Even a beginner who comes consistently (a minimum of three times per week) will burn anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 calories per week.

Use the formula above and see how many calories you would burn if you try out our gym today!


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